Multiple Story Parking in Panama sector Seriously Considered

The Brossard Éclair has learned that the construction of a multiple story parking is actually being considered to allow for a well-balanced development of the area and to improve the configuration of this very hectic zone in Brossard. Moreover, to insure a better integration of urban development and public transit, the City of Brossard has focused its research on a TOD (Transit Oriented Development). TODs' goals are to ease urban road congestion, to reorga - nize and optimize the urban network and to increase prosperity, while taking into account social and environmental issues. The volume of traffic on the main road leading to the Champlain Bridge is comparable to that of the metro's main lines, the Panama sector is therefore an area where efficient public transit is a must. "For us, this means that an optimum development of the Panama sector can be envi - saged," said mayor Paul Leduc in an interview with the Brossard Éclair. "Plus, we must keep in mind that a light rail system could possibly be made available one day in this sector. This is a great opportunity for us to work out a strategy but extensive research will have to be made in order to satisfy the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL)." A View to the Future In March 2009, a vast study entitled Study on the urban development potential of a mass transit corridor reinforced in the axis of the Champlain Bridge and along boulevard Taschereau was conducted by the Com - munauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) in collaboration with the Longueuil and Montreal agglomerations. This study revealed that the existing Panama parking lot had "considerable potential for urban impro - vement". Mayor Leduc repeated that it was based on the findings of that study that "the municipal council awarded a contract to the Gérald Bolduc-Urbaniste conseil firm, last October, to come up with a strategic plan for the Panama and Chevrier sectors." The 2011-2013 PTI "We must not forget that some funds had been allowed by its Three-year capital expenditures plan (PTI) in the past," says the mayor. 7




2707J28 267 rue Saint-Charles Ouest Longueuil (Québec) J4H 1E3 Téléphone : 450 646-3333 Télécopieur : 450 674-0205 Le Brossard Éclair est publié par corporation Sun Media, ayant son siège social au 612 rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal (Québec) H3C 4M8 Distribution certifiée ODC : 32 053 exemplaires Alexandre LAMPRON alexandre.lampron@hebdosquebecor.com Photo : Jean Laramée The volume of traffic on the major road leading to the Champlain Bridge is comparable to that of the metro's main lines, that's why a scenario of requalification for the Panama sector is being discussed by the stakeholders. "These funds had been, for the most part, taken away, but recently we were assured that funds and pro jects should reappear in the 2011-2013 PTI." Indeed, the amount of $421 000 is allowed for the commission of a study of the Panama sector in the PTI 2011, to which the Brossard Éclair had access. The document also confirms LUCIE MASSE Éditrice Directrice générale régionale SERGE LABROSSE Rédacteur en chef-sud du Québec Journaux Régionaux Quebecor GINETTE CLAUDE Chef de pupitre RÉDACTION redactionrs@hebdosquebecor.com Téléphone 450 674-6217 Télécopieur : 450 674-5408 CHARLES MICHAUD Vice-président Journaux Régionaux Québec Corporation Sun Media PRODUCTION Centre de montage Sun Media de Montréal IMPRESSION Imprimerie Mirabel Inc. DISTRIBUTION Quebecor Reseau Media 1 877 663-9002 brossardeclair.canoe.ca the City of Brossard's will to increase commercial activity and growth and states that "this study will be updated to make allowances for the many issues specific to the Panama sector, such as road congestion, growing demand and potential urban redevelopment. These matters will undoubtedly complicate the research." (Translated from french by Caroline Gagné) Le Brossard Éclair agit pour l'environnement RECYCLEZ SVP ! Chaque exemplaire de ce journal que vous recyclez contribue à une meilleure utilisation de nos ressources ainsi qu'à la conservation de notre environnement. S.V.P. RECYCLEZ CET EXEMPLAIRE DÈS LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE. 0391L02 2001L02

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